CABINET meets 
Farrow & Ball

Examples - The 9 new colours:

School House White / No. 291
  • School House White / No. 291
  • Jitney / No. 293
  • Sulking Room Pink / No. 295
  • Rangwali / No. 296
  • Preference Red / No. 297
  • Paean Black / No. 294
  • De Nimes / No. 299
  • Treron / No. 292
  • Bancha / No. 298

Stylish colours
for more design variety

The colour of living spaces has a great influence on our well-being and triggers certain emotions in us. It also determines how comfortable we feel at home, how stimulated or productive we are. Farrow & Ball has made it its business to create the right colour concept for every home. To this end, 132 pigmented and coordinated colour shades have been created to give your living spaces a very special ambience. To make this even more successful, customers can look forward to a very special innovation from CABINET:

We have joined forces with the English paint manufacturer to launch a very special and colourful cabinet collection. From now on, the 132 highly pigmented and modern colours from Farrow & Ball are also available on the doors from CABINET. This opens up numerous design options and very special cupboard systems that fit perfectly into the ambience of the room in terms of colour. The highly pigmented colours, which react extraordinarily to all types of light, offer a unique depth of colour and quality that gives the cupboards a very special look.

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