Slanted Wardrobe

Apartments with sloped ceilings do radiate a certain charm, however, when it comes to furniture, they do pose a particular challenge. The wrong furniture can quickly create a confining effect. In addition, there will be a great lack of storage space and space to optimally set up your wardrobe. A simple and space-saving solution is the installation

of a customised slanted wardrobe. Customised slanted wardrobes by CABINET perfectly fit into the sloped roof areas. This elegant built-in wardrobe is carefully designed based on precise measurements of the site. Not only can it be adapted to any space situation, but it also meets all your requirements.

Dachschrägenschrank mit geflechteter Oberfläche und Matt Weiß von CABINET
Modernes Dachschrägenschrank nach Maß mit Sideboard von CABINET
Dachschrägenschrank in den Farben Glas "Pastell-Grün" und Glas "Pastell-Lichtgrün"
Begehbarer Dachschrägenschrank in Weiß von CABINET
Dachschrägenschrank CABIprint mit Motiv nach Wunsch von CABINET
maßgefertigter Dachschrägenschrank in Farben nach Wunsch von CABINET
Dachschrägenschrank nach Maß Weiß von CABINET

A Sloping roof cabinet from CABINET
fits seamlessly into any room situation

The problem about sloped ceilings: none is like the other. Different room heights and varying gradient angles of the slopes often complicate the transformation of free footprint into urgently needed storage space. A customised wardrobe for sloped ceilings by CABINET can take care of this situation. It fits precisely into any room situation and provides the option to convert the space

underneath the slope into a perfect storage area. This space-saving solution allows you to stow away garments, hand bags and even shoes. Slanted wardrobes can of course be designed according to your individual requirements. To ensure that all your wishes come true, CABINET provides a wide range of different materials. This makes your customised slanted wardrobe a one of a kind piece of furniture.

 - Individuelle Einbauschränke nach Maß
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